What is a handicap in hockey betting

Handicaps in hockey betting are in great demand in modern betting. They are used not only by professional players, but also by beginners. Some bettors cannot imagine betting without using handicaps. In this article, we will understand what handicap means in hockey betting. We will learn how to place bets on these markets.

What is a handicap in hockey?

Handicap in hockey is an advantage that a player buys from a bookmaker. It helps to increase the chances of winning or make more profit.

There are three types of handicap:

  • Zero.
  • Minus.
  • Plus.

What is handicap (0) in hockey betting?

Handicap (0) bets are usually made by players who have doubts about the clear victory of the team. They insure their funds by buying a handicap from the bookmaker. The odds for such a market usually drop in half compared to a clean win, but this allows you to get your money back in the event of a tie.

For example, we want to bet 2,000 rubles on Spartak’s victory (odds – 2.00), but we assume that a draw is possible in the match. There is a 1X bet in the line, but its coefficient is too small – 1.20. A bet with a handicap (0) allows you to bet on odds of 1.50.

If Spartak wins, the net profit will be: 2000 * 1.50 = 3000 – 2000 (our rate) = 1000 rubles. Draws – the bookmaker will calculate the bet with the odds of 1.00 (return). If he loses, the money will go to the bookmaker.

Betting 1X and F (0) have a significant difference:

  • The first option guarantees a profit (2000 * 1.20 = 400 rubles) if Spartak wins or draws.
  • The second envisages making a profit (2000 * 1.50 = 1000 rubles) only in case of Spartak’s victory. Draw – guarantees the return of the placed funds to the bettor’s account.

What is a negative handicap?

The negative handicap is used by players who want to get more profit. It is often used in leader betting. Bookmakers offer fairly low odds for favorites (1.30-1.40), so bettors deliberately take risks. They buy a minus handicap from the bookmaker, which allows them to place bets at more profitable quotes.

For example, the odds for a Spartak victory are 2.00. If you bet with a handicap (-1), then it will increase to 2.40. There can be three scenarios here:

  1. “Spartak” loses or draws – the bet has not entered.
  2. Spartak wins with one goal difference – return.
  3. “Spartak” wins with a difference of two goals or more – the bet has entered.

If you bet on Spartak to win with a handicap (-2.5), the odds will increase to 4.55. But do not forget that you are at great risk. You will be satisfied with only one option – Spartak must win with a difference of three or more goals. Any other result is defeat.


What is a plus handicap?

A plus handicap is often used in betting on outsiders. The player assumes that the underdog will be able to impose a fight on the leader. He buys a handicap from a bookmaker, trying to put on value quotes.

For example, a team from the basement of the tournament table comes to visit the favorite. The bookmaker believes that she has a ghostly chance of winning, so she sets the odds of 5.00. If you bet on an outsider with a handicap (+2), you can count on odds of 1.20.

There can be three scenarios in a match:

  1. The outsider loses by three goals or more – the bet has not entered.
  2. The outsider loses with a difference of two goals – the bet amount is multiplied by 1.00 (return).
  3. The outsider loses by one goal, draws or wins – the bet comes in.

Fractional handicaps are calculated in a similar way.

Handicaps (-0.5) and (+0.5)

In the line of some bookmakers you can see handicaps (-0.5) and (+0.5). This is just an acronym and shouldn’t scare you:

  • Foru (-0.5) can be equated to a bet on a regular team victory.
  • Handicap (+0.5) or (0.5) means that the bettor bets on the victory of a certain club or a draw.

Handicaps on statistical indicators

They are used in betting on statistics: the number of shots on goal, penalties, reflected shots, faceoffs won, etc. They are calculated in the same way. The player buys a certain handicap from the bookmaker and makes a bet.

What are Asian Handicaps?

Asian handicaps offer the bettor to bet on double markets. For example, you bet 2,000 rubles on Ф (-1.25), the odds are 2.00. This means that you have two coupons of 1000 rubles for F (-1) and F (-1.5).

Three scenarios are possible here:

The club wins by two goals – both coupons played. Let’s calculate the profit: 2000 * 2.00 = 4000 – 2000 (our rate) = 2000 rubles of net profit.

The club wins in one puck – the bettor gets 1,000 rubles back: the bet F (-1.5) loses, and the virtual coupon F (-1) is multiplied by the coefficient 1.00 (return).

The club loses or the match ends in a draw – both virtual bets do not enter. The player loses 2,000 rubles.


From this article, we learned that there are several types of handicaps. Each of them was analyzed in detail. What handicaps to use for betting on hockey is up to you. Today bookmakers offer many interesting in-line markets. Choose the best one for yourself.