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A total of more than 3.5 means a bet on the fact that more than three events will take place in the match or segment of those you are betting on: goals from one or both teams, corners, send-offs, etc. In this article, we will explain in detail and with examples what such an item means in the bookmaker lines.

What does TB (3.5) mean and when the bet wins

TB (3.5) is the designation of the bet in the line of the bookmaker’s office. It can be found in different sections of the line. Check once again which game moments will be taken into account (goals, cards, send-offs, etc.), as well as for what period of time – the whole match, half or the rest of the time until the end of the period or quarter.

T  is a type of bet, total, that is, a bet on the amount or outcome of the event.

B  – abbreviation for “more” indicates that the bet will win when there are more than a certain number of events.

3.5  – the number of events after which the bet will play. In this case, the need to 3. The final designation may look different:  more than 3.5 TB (3.5) or 3.5 b .

The Definition of the Plus/Minus Statistic in Hockey

Total over 3.5 in football

TB (3.5) means a bet that more than 3 game events will take place in the match. To play a bet on goals, you need at least 4. In addition, the bookmaker can offer a TB bet (3.5) on the number of corners taken by one of the opposing teams, or on the total corners over 3.5 in halves.

Take, for example, the Champions League match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich. The TB (3.5) Goals Bet wins if 4 or more goals are scored in the match.

Let’s say the main time of the match ends with a score of 2: 2. In total, the teams scored 4 goals, the “TB (3.5) goals” bet wins. The bookmaker offers a coefficient of 2.055 for such an event. The net winnings amount to 105 rubles for every 100 rubles of the bet.

Also, the bookmaker offers to bet on total corners in the first half over 3.5. The odds for such an event are 1.45. Having bet 100 rubles, in case of success, you can get 45 rubles of net winnings.

In addition, in the list for the Barcelona – Bayern match, the bookmaker offers to bet more than 3.5 on the individual total corners of the first team. The bet wins if Barcelona serve 4 or more set pieces from the corner of the field. The quote for this event is 1.87. Every 100 rubles bets will bring 87 rubles of net winnings in case of success.

Total over 3.5 in hockey

Hockey matches, as a rule, are more productive than football matches, and the “total goals over 3.5” bet in the list for hockey, if successful, will not bring a big win in the prematch. But in live, by the end of the second period of an ineffective game, quotes can be interesting.

In addition to the usual bet on goals, the bookmaker can add markets for the total minutes of penalty time more than 3.5 for the entire match and for certain periods. For penalty minutes per match, we are talking about the individual total for a particular team.

For example, take the NHL Colorado Avelanche v Arizona Coyotes game. BC offers a coefficient of 1.93 on the bet “individual total of penalty minutes of the first team is more than 3.5” per match. If Colorado players score 4 or more minutes of penalty time during the entire game, the bet wins. Putting 100 rubles on such an event, you can get 93 rubles of net winnings.