Individual total or (IT) in hockey is a type of bet where it is important for the forecaster to predict the number of goals scored by one club. Total is classic – TB (2.5); or with a safety net – TB (2), where in the case of two goals thrown by a team, the funds will be returned to the player’s account. It is important to understand the principles when betting on total in hockey.

In bookmakers, the individual total in hockey is counted for:

  • Full match;
  • Separate period.

This type of bet is presented in all leagues in the world – the NHL and the KHL in particular.

Little-known competitions, as well as youth tournaments, where teams break through the mark of 15 goals, and play a “clean sheet” match, it is better to bypass.

If we approach the choice of a strategy in the proposed direction, the best bet is considered to be the favorite in the first period.

Program for choosing individual total in hockey

Players often make inquiries about “Where to find the program for individual total in hockey, how to download it”. There are many such programs that allow players to drive in indicators without any problem and get a likely outcome. Reading reviews about the software assistant dedicated to individual totals in hockey, there are also negative ones. No matter how popular the program is, it is impossible to calculate all the factors. Team fatigue, internal climate, financial problems that are not published in the public domain. This is not in the bot, but it is calculated thanks to thinking.

In their presence, the programs have only dry statistical data about the score, strikes, totals, statistics of individual periods. Such applications allow the player to pass the time by calculating the average probability with his own hand. The ideal option would be a combination of counting software (IT) and own line analysis.

This analysis can include:

  • Verification of competent sports media, proven in hockey reviews;
  • Analysis of periods of decline in the team’s performance in previous seasons;
  • Reading interviews with team members.

Individual total bets are the most interesting type of bets used by many betting professionals. Competent analytics will definitely lead players to good profits over the course. It is important to take into account the myriad of small nuances that may be out of sight for beginners. So, it turns out that a working strategy does not actually exist. The only thing that FootZone professionals will advise is to work not only with programs, but also to apply your own analysis of events. Only painstaking work with information can lead you to success.